Startup fashion brand advice! How to start a fashion brand.

  • Your newest fabric sourcing strategy: 3 Tips for new designers

    Are you ready to start sourcing fabric for your apparel or accessories brand? Consider this the only step by step guide you will need for fabric sourcing. Fibr Studios will teach you how to prep, stay organised, and find fabric suppliers - whether you want to work directly with fabric mills and manufacturers or use an agent!
  • Sustainable Fashion: Manufacturing Certifications you should know

    Certifications in this world of sustainable fashion are becoming more vital by the day. As “greenwashing” is on the rise and truth becomes harder to decipher from false claims, we require greater regulations over the environmental and social performance of companies.
  • Fully Factored Manufacturing versus CMT Manufacturing - Pros & Cons

    CMT manufacturing versus Fully Factored Manufacturing. Understand the Pros and Cons of CMT manufacturing and Fully Factored manufacturing.

  • How to Create a More Sustainable Fashion Brand - 3 Things to Consider

      Whether you are starting out or are looking for ways to make your brand more sustainable there are hundreds of small and large ways to make a cha...
  • How to start a fashion brand - 5 simple steps towards your first collection!

    Are you looking to start a fashion brand? Learn more about defining your customer, finalizing designs, starting out with little resources, manufacturing decisions and marketing your brand. Use our resources to start your fashion brand today! 5 simple steps to create a fashion brand.
  • What is a tech pack?

    A tech pack is a blueprint of your garment and is so important in any apparel manufacturing. It will outline every single detail of your garment which will lead to a smooth production run and who wouldn’t want that! We provide custom tech pack design as well as fashion tech pack templates.