What is a tech pack?

So, you’ve decided to start a fashion brand or are looking into new manufacturers for your company and you are asked the question, 

“Could you send over your tech packs?”

A what? A tech pack? Not to worry if your unsure of what this exactly means and if you haven’t come across it before. A lot of people find themselves in the situation - every day!

Many manufacturers don’t request one but many do too! We recommended sending a tech pack regardless of what they request because it is a detailed blueprint of your garment.

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So, what exactly is in this magical tech pack?

Tech packs will be unique just like your designs but generally, they include;

  • Technical Drawings or CAD Fashion Mock-ups.
  • Garment Construction details like types of seams.
  • Colorways of your garment
  • Materials and fabric composition details
  • Trim details like types of zips or buttons
  • Measurements and Sizing details
  • Details about swing tags, care labels, size labels etc
  • Packaging details
  • Logo and graphic applications
  • Prototype Comments 
  • Cut sheet and size breakdown
  • Costing sheet, mainly for you to keep track of things

And if your garment has any extra or additions then the tech pack will reflect this! 

How do I get a tech pack?

We understand that everyone is at different skill levels and that tech packs come in all shapes and sizes! So, depending on your situation there a few avenues you can go down;

  1. A custom tech pack - find a designer or enquire here to get a quote on how much it would cost to have a custom tech pack created. Usually, you and the designer will develop the technical drawing and then develop the tech pack with all the details you need to get the garment right! Prices start from $19.99 and will increase depending on how many details you require!

  1. D.I.Y Tech Pack - So, maybe your a pretty great hand for drawing and are confident in translating the garment construction into words then you can create your own tech pack! We provide templates if you wanted a guide for developing your tech pack. Try our Excel template if your confident in excel or if you are a Photoshop wiz then how about our Illustrator file of the Advanced template?


Tech Packs are important and will outline every single detail of your garment which will lead to a smooth production run and who wouldn’t want that! Instead of you and your manufacturer going back and forth trying to communicate on what exactly your needing, let the tech pack speak for you!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us directly!


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  • Hello,

    I am looking to start my own fashion brand and need a tech pack made up. Unfortunately I am not the best on technical programs including illustrator etc, are you able to help me with this please and if so, at what rate?


    Katie Haworth

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