How to ACE a Zoom sample fitting!

Tips on reducing sampling errors and getting the best samples possible, even on Zoom!

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The virtual world of Zoom that we now live in has arguably made the fashion industry more accessible than ever. From virtual showrooms to zoom fittings; aspects of garment development that used to be pain points have become easier and more effective thanks to technology!
However; the roller coaster that is sampling and production has not quite relaxed just yet. After many zoom meetings and fittings, we have collected the best pieces of advice for handling them like a pro and actually making the sampling process easier with fewer headaches.
  • Make sure you are not just logging in minutes before your scheduled Zoom meeting. Remember that Zoom and video conferencing are not only new for you but also for these factories. Do not expect them to lead the meeting just because they have the samples in hand. Before the meeting; revise your tech packs and ensure you know the details and trims you are looking out for.

  • Ask for photos prior to the fitting so you can prepare preliminary feedback and have talking points prepared. Make sure to ask them for photos of the inside of the garments so you can see the finishes and seam quality. We advise asking for these images up to one week before the fitting to ensure you receive them on time. 

  • Things often move fast and you may feel rushed so ensure both of you have allocated 5-10 minutes per sample for adequate time to discuss each piece.
  • We recommend recording, with permission, so you are able to look back on the meeting and samples. 
  • Take notes on the key points of action. For example, “Change pocket zip from brown to black”. Ensure these notes are typed as there is nothing worse than not being able to read your work back the next day. You may be going through up to 30 garments at a time; so keeping track via notes or voice recording is vital.
  • If using a fit model; ask for the model's measurements and height so you can see if the fits into your size guide comfortably. Knowing their height is also very important when deciding on a skirt or short length.
  • When each garment is modelled, request a front/back/side view for 10 seconds each so you have time to take screenshots. 
  • If the fabric is dark or printed and had to see through the camera; request that the manufacturer sends up-close images of certain details so you can view the sample in a better view. 

  • Use the photos taken and the prior details shot ready for use. Create a document of digital sample feedback. Annotate the photos asking for specific details at various points of the garment. The more detail you can go into the better, for example “change hem to be 1cm shorter on skirt” with arrow pointing at the hem. 
  • Send a follow-up email with every change agreed upon on the call outlined so there is no confusion. Lots is discussed during the zoom, send this email to refocus and ensure no points of change are missed in the next round of sampling.

Whilst Zoom fittings can seen daunting, when done correctly, they can save you plenty of time through reducing the rounds of samples made as well as reduce back and forth shipping costs! Have you done a zoom fitting during the fitting? What did you like and dislike about it?
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