"Far from a fling: Why I committed to pursuing a career in fashion" by Tāmar Mosby

Written by talented and upcoming fashion journalism student Tāmar Mosby. 

My love for fashion all started with my very first denim jacket which my mom paired with a powder pink velour tracksuit. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I wore two jackets, because I couldn’t possibly choose between the most treasured pieces of my 8 year-old wardrobe. I found over time that through fashion, I was able to transform into whoever I wanted to be. I could be a grungy skateboarding teenager one day and a Chanel-toting socialite the next.


Growing up, the only thing that ever rivaled my intense love for fashion was writing and telling stories. To me, words were like magic. They could build worlds of myth, with cities made of the sweetest candy and a sun that never sets, or they could become practical and full of information, like a nine-to-five lawyer in a wool blend suit. This is what I loved the most about writing, the ideal that separate words could come together not only to form a new meaning, but to tell a story and paint a beautiful picture.


My career dreams were realized during my freshman year of high school when I opened my very first fashion magazine. Vogue, otherwise known as the fashion bible, was a stately literary quilt, interwoven with witty trend pieces and intimate features written by editors. After turning that last glossy page, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: write for a fashion magazine.


Then the time came for me, as a senior, to start figuring out what university I wanted to attend and what I wanted to study. I knew exactly what I wanted ever since the day I read that first issue of Vogue. My dream had never changed, but during the selection process I was told over and over that a career in editorial fashion was extremely competitive and that the job market in that area wasn’t secure. It was at that moment that anxiety seized the opportunity to rear its ugly head. After considering these opinions, I gave in, choosing to major in Political Science with the intent of becoming a lawyer. It was something practical and steady, and I knew people would be impressed when I told them about my career plans. As I began to start the curriculum for my major, I became more unhappy and less motivated to study.


It took me nearly two years to change my major to Fashion Styling and once I did, I never looked back or regretted my decision.


Still, the responses I tend to get about my major are similar to what they were when I was in high school: “What do you plan to do with that degree?”, “It’s very hard to find a job as a writer, let alone a writer at a fashion magazine.”


These responses lead me to believe that many people may not be aware of the significance of fashion and what it offers people all over the world.


Fashion is more than just the clothes on your back, it's an art form, a storyteller, and a form of self expression.


The clothes you wear tell the people around you about your personality and sometimes how you’re feeling. Fashion communicates without speaking. For example, I recently attended a virtual event that featured presentations from various indigenous fashion designers from all over the world. Each spoke about what inspired their creations with many of them sharing the similar theme of love for their heritage and families. While I didn’t live in the same area or share the same culture as these designers, the things they spoke about and the meaning behind their designs resonated with me. They each found beautiful ways to materialize their own memories and feelings into something a complete stranger could feel and understand without having had identical experiences. This is what makes fashion so powerful and unique: its meaning transcends cultural barriers and connects people around the world.


The beauty of this storytelling and nonverbal communication is what makes fashion its own unique art form. Designers speak through their use of color and silhouette to evoke emotions, channel an aesthetic, and tell a story. Just as the world recognizes mediums like painting, sculpting, and sketching as art forms, fashion should be considered among them as well. In every area of the fashion industry there are people working hard to tell a story and give others the space to tell theirs, honor things important to them, and bring joy to others. Each of these things are important to creating a better world and are a part of what makes life worth living, as we all feel the need to connect with others and feel seen.


As I approach graduation in May and prepare to enter the workforce, I’ve begun to feel some anxiety creeping back into my mind about finding a job I’ll love. Despite this, my excitement to become a part of the fashion industry and tell my own stories far outweighs any doubt I have. When the time comes for me to embark on the journey to find the job I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a freshman in high school, I plan to be persistent, confident and, most importantly, well dressed.


The team at FIBR Studios thank Tāmar for her contribution and look forward to following her exciting career for the years to come!



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